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I work one-on-one with authors, students and professional business leaders alike. Whether your work needs a second pair of eyes, or you want step-by-step guidance on writing the most representative college essay, I can provide the support you need.

There is no perfect script, article or novel. What makes writing great is when it connects with people. So, I help writers pull out the ideas, get them organized, remove any technical errors and make sure they truly impact their intended audience.

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Why Use a Writing Consultant?

Tap Into Your Ideas

Got writer's block? No problem. I am naturally curious and an experienced interviewer. I will ask as many questions as it takes to find the idea that sparks your pen or keyboard to action.

Organize Your Work

Good writing needs structure; otherwise, readers will get lost. So, even if you're a sentence hoarder, I can use my organizational powers to help clear a path through the clutter.

Eliminate Errors

English language rules are cumbersome, but serve an important purpose. If you don't want obstacles to the understanding of your work, a solid proofreading is essential. I've got you!

Make an Impact

To make an impact, you must get the reader's attention, keep it, and wrap up with a strong and relevant point. I can help evaluate the power of your ideas, and make sure your literary punch connects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to me using one of the contact forms on this site. From there, we can set up a time to talk about your needs. There is no obligation or fee for this initial conversation. Plus, you may even get some free advice!

Absolutely! I would love to help you create powerful content. As a bonus, my writing will be infused with digital marketing expertise to effectively communicate to a human audience as well as to the search engines.

Location is not a problem in the digital age. It’s easy to set up an audio or video conference so we can chat.

Generally, I prefer to take good look at what you need, then give you a customized price for the required service. I don’t feel that the creative process should be rushed to fit into a certain number of hours. That’s what works best for me; but, I am open to charging an hourly rate, if that makes you more comfortable.

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