Faith Fisher Services College Essay Coaching

College Essay Coaching:

The best college essays aren’t necessarily written by super-elite student writers with exotic stories to tell. They are written by students who have learned how to express themselves boldly and honestly.

It’s not easy to comb through the ideas looking for the one that checks all the boxes, especially while under so much pressure to get it right. Having someone objective on your side can make it less painful. I can help you dig through your memories, analyze your motivations, and find the best story to tell.

Key Benefits:

The main objective, of course, is to get the attention of college admissions officers with an inspiring essay. But, the fact is, having a college essay coach will do more than get awesome paragraphs on the page. Students will find:

  • An unlocked story that makes an impact
  • A structured path to completion
  • Nag-free discipline from an unrelated adult
  • Writing and critical thinking skills that go beyond the essay
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